#1 Question Regarding: Inside Paint (Decorator/Designer)

#1 Question Regarding: Inside Paint (Decorator/Designer)

$ 35.00
Be explicit as possible. We will probably ask questions.

Not sure about a paint color for a certain room in your house?

Send us photos of the entire room and tell us all the things you'd tell us if we were standing in the room. (Email or Text) silkcurtains@yahoo.com or 256-347-4089

We may ask you questions. But, we'll help you decide. Some paints are tricky, like grays. I hope we can save you money.

We use Sherrwin-Williams Paint, so we'll refer to their paint chips. Their chips though can easily be matched to any paint.

***If you live out of the South, you will be charged $9.00 for shipping. We will refund this charge if we are only answering through email. If we send a packet of info with our answer, then we'll keep the $9.00.