#351 Sheer Relaxed Shade, Monogrammed
#351 Sheer Relaxed Shade, Monogrammed

#351 Sheer Relaxed Shade, Monogrammed

$ 315.00
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We recommend that the width not be over 38", but if it need to be...go ahead and enter your desired width and we'll adjust.
Child Encased Safety Cords - These cords are $25.00 per roman extra. To read about these cords or to order these cords, just click this link: https://by-harrington.myshopify.com/admin/products/1971872071773
These cords can be ordered on the above link, by " adding to cart ", or will can bill you later. You may be able to save on shipping by ordering them now.
This cord lock and pulley system is an extra $50.00. To read about this system, or to order this system by "adding to cart", just click this link: https://by-harrington.myshopify.com/admin/products/1971890028637
You do not have to pay now; we will bill you later if you prefer, in about 3 weeks, however you may save on shipping if you order them now.

Sheer with Monogram in Black or Dark Brown or White.

Fabric - White or Off-White Sheer