#9107 Outdoor Sofa or Swing

#9107 Outdoor Sofa or Swing

$ 345.00
Keep scrolling down past all the cushions offered and you'll see all the outdoor fabric. There are over 200 of them, Remember the # and the Name of the fabric of your choosing and enter it below.
The Euros can have a 2" flange all the way around or have a cord around them. Choose below.
Below: Enter WIDTH of your mattress that we are to cover. Enter the exact LENGTH of your mattress. Enter the exact THICKNESS of your mattress. For example: 27" wide X 72" long X 5" thick. Do not include cording in your measurements.
Please enter the Number and the Name of the Fabric Chosen
Do not measure the cording. We need________width X ____________length X _________depth

Did you know that most people purchase a twin mattress or a baby crib mattress for their hanging swing?


Mattress cover: from 68" to 90" long and 24" to 40" wide and 4" to 6" thick.


*1 Cushion Cover with zipper in the back FOR SEAT (All will have cording)

*3 Euro Shams (27" X 27") with poly fillers, all with zippers. Also includes all the fabric of your choosing.

*Throw Pillows can be ordered separately.

This measurement is an approximation. Just as long as your Cushion is in this range, this will be the price for Labor & Fabric.