Roman Shade #325 (Garden Retreat)
Roman Shade #325 (Garden Retreat)

Roman Shade #325 (Garden Retreat)

$ 350.00
We'll need to make the cord a little longer if over a Sink
This answer will help us in sending the correct hardware
When ordering more than one roman, you may want to add a LABEL., e.g. Bedroom, right window, Sunroom, middle window. This will help us and will help you when you receive them.
Child Encased Safety Cords - These cords are $25.00 per roman extra. To read about these cords or to order these cords, just click this link:
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This cord lock and pulley system is an extra $50.00. To read about this system, or to order this system by "adding to cart", just click this link:
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 Made with Wooden Slats across the back, so that the pattern on the front is uninterrupted; drawing up into perfect folds.

Fully Lined in Blackout